Documentary Style Photography: What is it?

Kiwiphoto is making the switch to documentary style photography and we're excited to tell you about it! 

There's a lot of difference between the traditional posed style photos, and documentary style. With a more traditional style photograph, the family may be posed, given direction, put into a specific scene or place in order to capture the exact look. This is a great style of photography for families who want more of a traditional style family portrait. 

Documentary style, however, is much more relaxed and has the capability to transform the way a family does photos. This style allows the family the live their everyday life while being photographed. This could be something as big as a day at the beach, or a birthday party; or a small moment like a trip to the grocery store, or a night at home. Realistically the possibilities are endless. Anything that your family enjoys doing together is an opportunity for photos. Documentary style photography allows us to capture the little moments that aren't usually captured in a traditional style shoot. 

Not only does this allow us to capture the little moments, but it also captures your children being themselves. It allows children to play, and laugh, and act natural instead of being told to smile and when to smile. It allows a child to wear their favorite outfit, to act silly with mom and dad, to play with their siblings, to be themselves. This captures them at the stage they are, instead of being forced to act in a way that may not be as natural for them. 

This style also creates ease for you. There's no need to color-coordinate outfits, or give a big pep talk on behavior because the session will be about play, and life. Your kids will be in an environment that is comfortable and familiar to them, you won't have to drive across town to a new location, and your family will be captured in the love that is shown and the moments that are shared. The photos at the end of your session will represent the home that has been created, the love that is shared, and the personalities that are blossoming. 

We're excited about this new style of photography and we hope you are too. If you are interested in becoming one of Kiwiphoto's first documentary style families please share this on Facebook and you'll be entered to win a free session!