Sunday Seven: Week Four

Here it is, Sunday evening.
Time for the Sunday Seven.

This week, has by far been the most joyful week of my January. If you've been joining me since week one, you probably already know that January has been rough. I've tried to be honest and transparent about each week, and sometimes there's a lot of mess in the middle of my bless. So it was so, so, good to finally have a week that went smoothly. As always, I'll try to let the photo and caption do the talking, to keep the blog itself from getting too wordy.

This week, I've been testing out some new Black and white edits, so you'll find a lot of BW. I'm also going to test out displaying the images as a gallery instead of individually, so let me know whether you love it or hate it. I value your input!

Don't forget to join in on the fun and use the hashtag #SundaySeven to share your pictures.

Without further ado, Sunday Seven: Week 4...