Sunday Seven: Weeks Six, Seven, and Eight

Ive been a little AWOL lately...

I was doing so well with posting regularly, but the past 3 weeks have taken me for a whirlwind of a ride. Febuary 15th, my best friend went home to heaven. She had fought a long battle with a lot of mystery illnesses in the last year and a half since her accident. This loss is a searing one for me. She was like a sister, and so I feel the pain of missing her very deeply. There are so many things I could write about her, about how valuable the pictures I have of her are to me, but I won't. These things are true, she was a beautiful person and I am so thankful for every silly and beautiful picture I have of her, but my heavy heart isn't quite ready to go into detail at this time.

I have been surrounded by other wonderful friends who also share in this deep loss. You'll see pictures of them in this week's roundup.

I have also been dealing with greater than normal health issues lately, including a spinal tap, and a visit to the ER this past week for a Spinal headache and what turned out to be Influenza A. I'm still battling these things, so forgive me if this (three) weeks post is a little scattered. I have no pictures of my hospital ordeal, but I do have a lovely self portrait of my forehead after a round of injections of Botox for migraines.

Because my images are all jumbled from the past 3 weeks, and I'm not even sure of how many I have, I'm just going to put my favorites into a few galleries for you guys. I hope you enjoy them.

The #SundaySeven is back with a roar. A weak one, but it will grow in strength as we keep on going. Here goes, in no particular order:


Another trip to Franklin Park Conservatory, this time with B:


Fun with friends and family:

Adventures with Chicadee:

Assorted Adventures:

There you have it. A #Sundayseven x 3. How have your last weeks been? Share your photos in the comments below.