7 things to love about Boston

If you know me, you probably already know that I've been in Boston since June.  I moved here for a few months to work as a nanny for a family that I love. When they asked me to stay a full year, there was only one answer, yes. This means that at least for the next year, I'll be in Boston. I'm blessed that my photography can travel with me wherever I go.  Naturally, living in a new place prompts some amount of tourism in your new home. What better way to introduce myself in this new place than by sharing with you my favorite things about Boston? Here they are:

#7: History


If you've ever spent 5 minutes in an American History class, you already know that Boston is full of History. According to the National Parks guide, Boston is basically one giant historical landmark. Want to visit Paul Revere's house? Go ahead! Walk the Freedom Trail? Follow the brick path until your calves are burning. Step foot inside of the Old North Church? A park ranger will be happy to tell you all about the odd little boxes around the pews. Throw tea in the harbor while assisted by a revolutionary-era clad actor? Please do. Sneak a peek at the oldest university in America? Head on over to Harvard! See the site of the Boston Massacre? You can! (Though trust me, it's a bit anti-climactic.) My point is, history abounds on Boston's streets. As a result, so do punny"Tea-shirts". It's an American history lover's dream.

#6: The playgrounds


When I first visited a Boston playground, my initial thought was, "This looks like something from Sesame Street. Why is it fenced in?" I thought it was just that particular playground, but every single playground Chica and I have visited is gated. I asked so many people with kids, people in my community group who grew up in Boston, random strangers, and no one could tell me why. Fenced in playgrounds are just the norm here. My best guess is that it keeps kids from running into traffic. If you interact with kids on any kind of regular basis, you realize that gated playgrounds are probably the best idea ever. Kids can't run away and get lost in the crowds of people. They can be free to run and explore without the need for a caregiver to be constantly underfoot making sure they don't escape. Parent's what wouldn't you give for 10 whole minutes of relative calm where you could sit on a bench and just watch your kids enjoy themselves and meet new playground friends? If nothing else convinces you, if you have littles, come to Boston for the excellent playgrounds. 

#5: The T


This may not be a popular opinion, but I love riding the T. Traffic in Boston is a monster, and parking is insanely expensive. Coming from a mid-western city without public transit, the T is a beautiful thing. I can pay $84 a month and ride it all over the city every day. I don't have to worry about driving or parking. I can just sit back and enjoy the ride. As an added bonus, sometimes you get to play "Guess what language that is?" . If you're a language lover like myself, there's something fun about overhearing other people's phone conversations and understanding every 5th word. The only time riding the T isn't fun is if you get on an outbound train after a Red Sox game, and your fellow passengers are basically sitting on your lap as they try to cram in. Other than that, it's great. 

#4: The Harbor Islands


When the chaos of the city has you feeling overwhelmed, get on a boat and head out to the Harbor Islands. There are several to choose from, each one with it's own story. Two of my favorites are Spectacle Island and George's Island. Over the past two hundred or so years, Spectacle has hosted hotels (supposedly run by the mob), a "horse recycling facility", a garbage dump, and most recently was capped with dirt from the big dig to reclaim it as a State Park. A day on Spectacle can be spent kayaking, swimming, hiking, or combing the shores for sea glass and other treasures.  Georges' Island is home to Ft. Warren, once used as a home to prisoners from the civil war. You can tour the fort, walk the paths around the island, and even see the original bakery where bread was baked for several hundred men each day. 

#3: Food


There's something to love about the food in Boston. Every corner of the US has their unique specialties, and Boston is no exception. Fresh, delicious, and relatively inexpensive seafood can be found in abundance. People from all over the world bring their unique ethnic foods to Boston to share, and we get to reap the benefits. And for some reason, there are a million flavors of Hummus at the grocery stores here. I haven't figured out why, but I'm pretty sure Boston is the Hummus capitol of the US.

#2: The Water


Maybe it's my Momma's Cajun blood that makes me feel this way, but to quote Moana, "See the light as it shines on the sea? It calls me." I am inextricably drawn to the water. I love to swim, and though I have precious little experience on boats, I love them. I can't explain it, but there's just something about being on or in the water that refreshes me deep down in my soul. Though Boston harbor water is definitely not clean enough that you'd probably want to swim in it, it sure is pretty to look at, and lovely to be in a boat on. Opportunities to be on the water are far more plentiful here in Boston than they are back home, and for as long as I have the joy of living here, I'll take every opportunity that comes my way.  

#1: Chica

Something every nanny knows all too well, we love the kiddos we care for. I'm so blessed to work for a family that I love so much, and who treats me so well. I'm looking forward to spending a full year with them. 

While in Boston, I will be accepting local bookings for family sessions and weddings. I'll still happily travel anywhere to shoot, but I may be less able to accept frequent bookings outside of New England. I am now booking for the Fall/Winter of 2017. Email ariel@thekiwiphoto.com if you'd like to book a session.