How do I book a session?

If you would like to book a session, please email the photographer or fill out the contact form. Be sure to put the type of session you'd like to book in the subject bar.  Although dates can not be guaranteed before booking, If you have any dates in mind, be sure to include them in your message. I will return your email with any session openings I have, keeping your previously mentioned dates in mind. Once you decide on a date and time, you will need to  pay the full amount of your session via cash, check or credit card within 7 days to reserve your spot. (This does not apply to wedding or grow with me clients, who are typically billed in increments)


What should I wear?

We recommend you wear clothes that  are comfortable for you, or the child being photographed to wear.  We want you to be the focus, not your clothes. Solid colors and simple patterns work best. Avoid clothing with writing, logos, pictures, etc. unless they are part of the story you're trying to convey. Families and siblings look best when dressed in clothing that compliments one another but does not "match". Avoid just putting everyone in a white t-shirt and jeans, you know you have more personality than that.


How do I pay?

Kiwiphoto accepts cash, credit cards, and checks. Please pay for your session in full (within 7 days) to reserve your spot.


Are digital images available?

We live in a digital society, so after many requests digital files are now included in the price of all sessions. Digital images are for digital use only and may not be printed without a copyright. All prints, wall hangings, and albums must be ordered through kiwiphoto. You may purchase copyright privileges for $200 for standard sessions and $500 for wedding and grow with me sessions. If you purchase the copyright, you must print photos through a professional lab, such as whcc or mpix. You will not be given authority to print photos at CVS, Walmart, Costco, or other big box stores.


How do I order prints?

You can order prints from your session by clicking "Purchase prints" on our navigation bar. This will guide you to our prints page. You can order and pay through the site using a credit card. If you have a large order, or you'd rather not purchase prints online, you can schedule an appointment to view and purchase your images. You may pay for images ordered during an appointment using cash, check, or credit. There is a $100 order minimum on appointment ordering. Prints typically arrive within 7-10 days of ordering.